Why Outsource

  1. When you hire your first editor, you are outsourcing the project to someone else. That being the case, why outsource to one person, when you can outsource to a company?
  2. It is cheaper to outsource to a company. No extra hardware or software is needed. You don't have to pay for vacation leaves, sick leaves, social security, medical benefits, etc. It makes your accounting simpler and your cost and profit, more transparent.
  3. The more people there are involved in the project, (12 editors and counting, in our company) the more ideas go into the project. It raises the quality of the video.
  4. You do not give up control over the project by outsourcing to Imacron-USA. We use a finished DVD that you will provide us as a template to edit according to your style. A video stream of the project will be emailed to you for approval/revision. We do not go forward until you have given your okay.
  5. Outsourcing your post-production gives your business unlimited room for growth. It makes good business sense.